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Couple sues for injuries incurred at an outdoor party

In Ohio, as well as other states in the U.S., outdoor parties and fairs may have the potential for accidents. Events such as these could have rides or other attractions that may not be safe.

One man was injured at a company picnic on a trampoline-bungee ride in New Jersey. For this attraction, an operator controls how high the rider is lifted into the air by a harness while the rider holds bungee cords attached to poles that come from the base of the trampoline. During this party the operator failed to wait until the rider was able to jump back up after his descent before adjusting for the rider to go higher, putting stress on his left arm. His injuries included a rupture of his distal biceps tendon and a hyperextension injury. This left him with thousands of dollars in medical expenses and continuing weakness and pain.

The rider and his wife sued the company that manufactured the device, the company that rented the device and the location of the event for premises liability. The couple settled for $307,500. This included $2,500 from the company that held the event, $10,000 from the event location, $252,500 from one of the rental companies and $5,000 from another rental company.

If someone sustains injuries due to hazardous conditions or a negligent property owner, then an experienced personal injury attorney could help them. The attorney could show a court that the injured party is entitled to compensation. The attorney may be able to help the injured person receive damages they could be due, such as financial compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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