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Hemorrhoids and colon cancer share the same symptoms

Ohio patients may not know that the signs and symptoms of colon cancer can often be similar to a bad case of hemorrhoids. While hemorrhoids are not a serious issue and can actually be treated at home, colon cancer is a leading cause of death, according to the American cancer Society. As such, patients who have irregular or unusual bowel movements should talk to their doctor.

There are many symptoms of hemorrhoids, including itching in the rectal area, uncomfortable bowel movements and swelling. However, the other major symptom is blood in the stool. While hemorrhoids are not uncommon, blood in the stool is also a major indicator of colon and rectal cancers. Accordingly, anyone who notices blood should assume that it could be a more serious condition. Other symptoms of colon cancer can include lower abdomen pain, unexplained weight change and changes in bowel movements.

Although hemorrhoids can be treated at home with over-the-counter medications and there is only a one in 20 chance that a person may develop rectal or colon cancer, there are other serious conditions that the person could be suffering from. These conditions could include genital warts, inflammatory bowel disease or even anal fissures.

Ohio residents rely on their trusted doctors and nurses to provide them with the best care possible. In some cases, a doctor may fail to diagnose a potentially fatal condition or diagnose that condition at a much later date. This can result in serious harm and extra medical expenses for the patient. If it can be proven that the doctor or other health care professionals did not provide the proper standard of care, the patient may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney to determine the recourse that may be available for seeking compensation for the losses that have been incurred.