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October 2013 Archives

Ohio YouTube fatal DUI case confession: sentence handed down

A 61-year-old Ohio man was killed by a drunk driver on June 22 of this year in Columbus. Slightly more than two months later, on September 3, the 22-year-old driver who was arrested in the case confessed to the DUI charge and wrong-way car accident on a YouTube video. Matthew Cordle then formally surrendered to authorities.

Columbus: Police chase of robbery suspect yields tragic accident

There is no way to soften or finesse a news report commanding public interest that is of a truly tragic nature. That is certainly the case involving the details of a car accident that occurred early last Friday just northwest of Columbus. Six people died in the crash, with a police officer also being injured.

Crash-avoidance technology constantly improving, evolving

Most people -- including probably you, the reader -- think they are comparatively good drivers. Although that might or might not be true, it is nearly certain that most motorists in Ohio and elsewhere can point to someone they know who is without doubt a comparatively bad driver.

Meet Warren Greeno: A really, really good commercial truck driver

If you happen to see Wal-Mart long-distance trucker Warren Greeno driving his big rig in Ohio or elsewhere in the country, you’ll notice him. Greeno will be behind the wheel of a shiny red 18-wheeler that has his name painted on the side.

Safety awards highlight risks to Ohio businesses, workers

Nine Ohio business and government entities across the state have been awarded money under the state’s Safety-Intervention Grant Program, with the nearly $260,000 provided them being allotted to safety enhancements at their respective workplaces.

We're working longer: Work environments had better respond to that

Tomorrow’s manufacturing work environment in Ohio and elsewhere across the country will look quite different from what it does today. As noted in a recent report on the subject, managers of industrial worksites will “be proactive in employing new strategies and proven tactics to reduce injury triggers in the workplace.”