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Dangerous children’s toy recalled due to ingestion hazard

Most parents of school-aged children are careful to pay attention to any potential dangers that their kids might be exposed to. But while the kids are out of school for the summer, Ohio parents may not have as much time to stay connected to the latest news on television and the internet.

If you have kids at home, you’ll want to pay attention to a toy recall that was recently issued in the United States and Canada. According to the recall notice, this dangerous children’s toy can easily be mistaken for candy. And once it is ingested, it dramatically increases in size and can cause serious or even fatal obstructions in the body.

The toys being recalled are “Monster Science Colossal Water Balls” and “Super Star Science Colossal Water Balls.” Both are manufactured by a company called Be Amazing! Toys.

The novel feature offered by these products is same thing that makes them so dangerous. The Water Balls are marble-sized toys that are made out of a super-absorbent polymer material. When they come in contact with water, the balls expand to many times their original size.

Although no injuries or deaths have been reported related to water balls made by Be Amazing!, similar toys made by other companies have been associated with serious injuries to young children.

More than 14,000 units are currently being recalled in the United States alone. In order to protect your own children, you may want to make sure that these dangerous toys have not found their way into your home.

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