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Cedar Point ride accident has Ohioans worried about park safety

Now that summer is in full swing, many Cleveland families are planning make (or have already made) the short trip to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point. This amusement park has been an Ohio staple for generations.

Normally, Cedar Point has a reputation for safety as well as fun, but that reputation may be in jeopardy due to an accident that occurred late last week. Although no legal action has been announced yet, the park could find itself facing a premises liability lawsuit over a malfunctioning ride that injured seven patrons. 

According to news sources, the seven Cedar Point visitors were injured on the “Shoot the Rapids” water ride, which has been operational since 2010. Witnesses say that while climbing the ride’s first hill, one of the boats began rolling backward.

It then either flipped on its side or flipped upside down, taking the belted-in passengers with it. Thankfully, witnesses and park staff quickly entered the water to rescue the trapped passengers, but all seven suffered injuries. At least one was transported to a hospital for additional evaluation and treatment.

A Cedar Park patron who witnessed the accident told news sources that “We jumped in and helped them get out. If we didn’t help, I don’t even know what would have happened.”

It is very fortunate for the passengers and for park officials that there were no fatalities. Sadly, one death did occur at a different amusement park the very same day. A woman was killed after falling from a rollercoaster at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. That tragic accident is also being investigated.

Many people take safety for granted at amusement parks, in part, because most reputable parks maintain a good safety record. But as these two incidents show, accidents and malfunctions do occur, and they can be injurious or deadly. In cases like these, victims and their families may wish to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to understand their rights and options. 

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