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July 2013 Archives

Cedar Point ride accident has Ohioans worried about park safety

Now that summer is in full swing, many Cleveland families are planning make (or have already made) the short trip to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point. This amusement park has been an Ohio staple for generations.

Consumers, Toyota settle class action sudden-speeding lawsuit

Toyota Motor Corporation continues to work its way through a veritable slog of litigation tied to the avalanche of recalls and injuries stemming from its so-called “unintended acceleration” lawsuits in the United States.

Car safety focus: hard to overstate the importance of spot welding

Many consumers might have heard the term “spot welding” before, with a large number of them unfamiliar with the welding industry perhaps thinking that it is something akin to touch-up painting. In other words, a small and isolated problem with a product or manufacturing process can be quickly attended to through a spot weld.

NHTSA: a number of mandated safety changes still being worked out

The massive and wide-ranging federal highway bill enacted by President Obama last July came with a large number of amendments and special provisions relating to road safety across the country. In particular, Congress drafted many new provisions tasking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to act within specified timeframes in matters relating to car, truck and bus safety.