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June 2013 Archives

More data to undercut critics of mandatory helmet laws for bikers

Until last year, neighboring Michigan had a universal motorcycle helmet law. Then, caving in to various interests, legislators repealed that legislation of more than 40 years and replaced it with a requirement that only riders under 21 be required to wear a helmet.

OSHA, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation renew safety pact

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was enacted by Congress in 1970. Its objective over the past 40-plus years has been to promote workplace safety in Ohio and all other states by providing for training, conducting inspections that identify safety hazards, recognizing both exemplary and safety-lagging enterprises, and enforcing standards though fines and an array of other penalties and sanctions.

Study on designated drivers revealing on several fronts

As was widely reported in news outlets in recent months, safety officials in every state, including Ohio, have been on the receiving end of a strong federal push to change their drunk driving laws. At the center of recommendations has been the stated need for uniformity across the country in adjusting the current DUI threshold in every state of a 0.08 blood alcohol content (BAC) to a standard of 0.05.

Tailgating worst driving indiscretion among Ohio motorists

If you know you’re a good Ohio driver and that nothing quite disturbs you so much as seeing a vehicle rapidly pull up behind you and subsequently follow you so closely that it fully occupies your rear-view mirror, know that your fears about that driving behavior are well-grounded.

Debate over ever-larger truck rigs: Are they a safety hazard?

A number of voices within the commercial trucking industry enthusiastically endorse ever-larger rigs on the nation's highways, saying that they would help to curb transportation costs and help operators' bottom lines through the larger loads they would allow for.

Chrysler, NHTSA tussle over "massive" Jeep recall

It would be hard to estimate the number of Ohio motorists who own and drive Chrysler-made Jeeps. Given that those vehicles are immensely popular and perennial best sellers, though, a reasonable guess might be that the number is in the hundreds of thousands.