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OSU construction zones, projects pose campus safety challenges

The Ohio State University campus is always a busy and frenetic place, with thousands of people on the move and engaged in myriad activities within a limited — though sprawling — area.

That combination of finite space, ongoing construction projects at all times, and complex movement through work zones — people walking, jogging, on bikes, in cars — results in constant concern for university officials and safety administrators.

It also leads, occasionally, to serious accidents, such as the one we described in a September 19 blog entry chronicling the unfortunate encounter between a student hit by a dump truck while riding his bike in a construction zone. That accident occurred on September 5. The student is still in a hospital intensive care unit.

Current construction projects alter and congest the university’s traffic flow, say college officials and students, raising the risk of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike mishaps, pedestrians being struck by vehicles, and construction accidents that can occur with students walking through work zones.

Students are generally well attuned to those dangers, says one student. “OSU is known for always being under construction,” he says. “People just expect it.”

The university works hard to get the word out on areas where construction work is being done. Information is disseminated through school newspapers, digital monitors across the campus and in residence halls.

Notwithstanding those information outlets, school officials remain concerned and task students with remaining vigilant whenever they are on the move outside.

They need to “be aware of their surroundings,” says Lindsey Komlanc, a spokesperson for the school’s Administration and Planning department.

Source: The Lantern, “Construction creates safety hazards at Ohio State,” Becca Marrie, Oct. 4, 2012

  • Construction zones are inherently dangerous places, where accidents and personal injuries across a broad spectrum can occur. We invite readers to visit our Cleveland, Ohio, Construction Accident page to learn about our firm and the strong representation we provide to clients who sustain injuries in construction accidents or while passing through construction work zones.