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October 2012 Archives

Autonomous cars well developed; safety research needs fine tuning

As tech giant Google continues to test its self-driving vehicles on various states' highways, the final hurdles to complete safety and vehicle autonomy are coming under the microscope. Most regulators consider autonomous vehicles to be the next evolutionary step in personal transportation, and a revolution that will reduce traffic deaths in the United States. A number of tech-based safety features have been integrated into vehicles in the last few years, and car accident fatalities in Ohio and nationally have declined for six straight years.

City of Columbus to pay $1.25 million for pothole car accident

The City of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to pay an accident victim $1.25 million to compensate him for the injuries he sustained because of poor road conditions. The victim's lawsuit alleged that large potholes that the city failed to repair were a major contributing factor in the collision between his bicycle and a car that left him paralyzed.

New technology promises fewer truck accidents

Ohio drivers can readily see the benefits to improved safety technology on our roads. From backup cameras on our SUVs to cutting edge emergency brake systems, safer cars mean fewer accidents on Ohio highways. However, it's not only families on their way to soccer practice that need the protection of advanced safety features. Professional drivers also benefit from better technology, particularly when they are driving large vehicles like buses or semi-trucks, which can cause huge amounts of damage in the event of a crash.

Ohio drivers, peers nationally: Note fake air bag concerns

Drivers in Ohio and across the country might want to rack their brain to recall whether they have had new air bags replaced in the past few years. According to warnings issued by federal safety officials, those air bags could be counterfeit and subjecting drivers and passengers to serious risk in the event of a car accident.

OSU construction zones, projects pose campus safety challenges

The Ohio State University campus is always a busy and frenetic place, with thousands of people on the move and engaged in myriad activities within a limited -- though sprawling -- area.

Should Ohio, drivers nationally be alarmed by car accident report?

Drivers in Ohio and across the rest of the nation might be interested in the latest NHTSA study that shows projections for fatal car accidents. Estimates are that the traffic fatality rate nationally is headed up, and that's particularly disconcerting because the rate had been going down for the past six years.

A problematic nexus: Returning combat vets and motorcycle accidents

Here's something that some psychologists and therapists who work with veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan say should command more attention than it is currently receiving: the driving behavior of many service members back from deployments, especially where motorcycles are involved.

Recipe for disaster: commercial trucks with faulty GPS directions

Continued commercial truck accidents caused by faulty GPS technology have prompted one U.S. Senator to call for the government to step in and demand improved standards for global positioning units, while many industry experts think the task of regulation should be kept in the hands of the trucking industry itself.