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Focus: Ohio Construction Zone Worker and Motorists’ Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2011 | Construction Accidents |

Construction work is, obviously, hard work, and a construction accident in Ohio is far from a singular occurrence. The state sees non-stop activity in projects of all types from one end to the other, and the potential is always there for a fall, a scaffolding injury, a cave in, burn or other construction-related accident.

And workers busy in construction zones are often far from the only people at risk of being injured. An ongoing and long-term construction project in Belmont County amply points this out.

Interstate 70 near the Belmont-Morristown exit is undergoing a substantial amount of remedial work that involves regularly moving and detouring motorists’ lanes. This has resulted in a proliferation of motor vehicle accidents in the area, frequently rollovers that involve local residents.

One such incident occurred last week, when a driver’s wheel slipped off the pavement’s edge. The motorist hit a wall and flipped over as he tried to correct the error.

There is presently a large amount of construction road work being done in Ohio, and State Patrol officials say that drivers need to be paying closer attention to that fact and the way they drive inside construction zones. Doing so may save lives — their own and, just as importantly, the lives of construction workers doing their jobs inside work zones.

It may help to keep that in mind by noting the comment of a State Patrol official, who reminds motorists that all traffic fines are doubled in a construction zone.

Related Resource: WTRF, “Another Accident in Belmont County Construction Zone” Aug. 25, 2011


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