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September 2011 Archives

Rural car crashes a sobering concern for Ohio traffic officials

Ohio State Highway Patrol ("OSHP") statistics indicate that close to half of all fatal car accidents that have occurred so far this year within a five-county region of the state -- Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Butler and Warren -- took place in rural areas. There have been 60 fatal crashes within the region, with 28 occurring on non-interstate roads. Last year, 54 of 96 traffic fatalities that occurred in the Miami valley were on rural roadways.

Amazon responds to allegations of substandard working conditions

Recent complaints at retail giant Amazon's warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, have spurred officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") to investigate allegations regarding extreme working conditions, with no workers' compensation for injuries or heat-related illnesses. Most part-time employees will not complain, for fear of being fired.

National workers' comp report issued: Where Ohio stands

Workers' compensation in Ohio is a singular matter, as it is in all other states. That is, the state-run programs that exist across the country are anything but cookie-cutter employee compensation systems. There are variances -- often meaningful, often material -- that exist among the states involving benefit payments, costs to employers, medical care payments, indemnity benefits and many other matters.

NTSB: Cell phone use major factor in deadly truck accident

Due to a recent federal investigation into a commercial truck accident that caused the death of 11 people, truck drivers may no longer have use of their cell phones while on the job except in the case of an emergency. In a 2010 accident in Kentucky, a commercial truck collided with a passenger van carrying 15 people. Ten of the van occupants died, as did the truck driver.

OSHA tells Ohio party rental company "the party's over"

When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) discovers that employers have failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, the agency has the authority to issue citations to the employer and propose measures to protect employees from injury. OSHA also may propose fines, both to help compensate injured workers, and to send employer's the message that workplace safety is of utmost importance.

Labor Day: Reflecting on workplace accidents, safety efforts

For many Americans, the just-passed Labor Day might be a holiday like many others, that is, a day off from work without much reflection on the reason underlying the holiday itself.

Truck accident issue: electronic recorders focus of court ruling

Overly fatigued commercial truck drivers are routinely involved in truck accidents that bring serious -- and often fatal -- consequences across the country, including Ohio.

Focus: Ohio Construction Zone Worker and Motorists' Accidents

Construction work is, obviously, hard work, and a construction accident in Ohio is far from a singular occurrence. The state sees non-stop activity in projects of all types from one end to the other, and the potential is always there for a fall, a scaffolding injury, a cave in, burn or other construction-related accident.