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April 2011 Archives

Ohio AG, Peers Call for Curbs on Blast, a Sugary Alcohol Drink

Ohio public officials and regulators are perhaps experiencing a bit of déjà vu as they contemplate Blast, a new alcoholic beverage manufactured by Pabst Brewing Company. Late last year, Ohio banned the sale of Four Loko -- a caffeinated malt liquor beverage -- within the state, and it may now just do the same with Blast.

Ford Undertakes to Replace 1M-Plus Air Bags in Pickup Trucks

According to industry insiders, Ford Motor Company begrudgingly recalled 140,000-plus pickup trucks from its profitable F-Series line this past February after prodding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to do so. The recall was in response to a number of consumer complaints received by the NHTSA concerning defective air bags in the F-150 truck, which is a perennial best seller for the company. Several hundred drivers complained that the air bags were opening suddenly and without reason -- frequently upon starting -- and resulting in a wide array of injuries. In some cases, motorists broke teeth. In others, they broke arms and elbows.

What Young Motorists Most Need to Learn -- and Early

You know all those bans and taboos associated with teen drivers, i.e., those proscriptions that most adult drivers know intuitively are well-placed when it comes to curbing car accidents involving new and inexperienced drivers? The list is bandied about with great frequency, recited by everyone from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to researchers linked to myriad traffic safety studies. It includes no talking on cell phones, no texting, limits on the number of passengers and a host of other "nos" -- in short, its aim and intended reach is no distractions while driving, period.

Fatal Fire Truck Crash Case May End Up in State Supreme Court

In our preceding blog post (April 12), we informed readers of a recent accident in Massillon, a town about 50 miles south of Cleveland. Excessive speed was a primary factor in a car crash there that killed one occupant in a vehicle and left two others -- both ejected from the car -- lucky to be alive and with only minor injuries.

High-Speed Car Accident Kills Ohio Teen, Injures Two Others

There is no finger pointing or recrimination in the wake of a tragic car accident that took the life of one teen and injured two others last week in Massillon, about 50 miles south of Cleveland. There is only sadness and the hope expressed by one person with close involvement to the accident that young drivers take heed of its facts and consequences and learn something from it.

Not Everyone is on Board with Vehicle Driving-Enhancement Tools

Just as motorists in other states across the country are doing, drivers in Ohio, too, are increasingly embracing new vehicle technologies that are emerging to help distracted drivers improve their odds of survival while on the road. The makers of these products stand by their wares and claim that they are working, stating that highway fatalities and car accidents are going down as on-board employment of high-tech voice-activated and other systems is increasing.

Grizzlies and Pot: Key Elements in a Workers' Compensation Case

Sometimes it is the more out-of-the-ordinary or even sensational stories that really serve to embellish important concepts. Take Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods, for instance. Although recent episodes in their lives are most often portrayed for the gaudy media effect they exert on many readers, their tales just as certainly underscore key legal considerations that some people might want and need to be educated about. Division of property in a marriage dissolution proceeding, for example. Child custody where there are accusations of domestic violence.