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Truck Accident Shuts Down I-70 for Hours

According to Ohio news reports, Interstate 70 was shut down for several hours on Wednesday afternoon following a truck accident involving multi-vehicles. Reports detail that the truck accident caused a chain reaction that shut down both lanes of traffic on the interstate. State Highway Patrol troopers are blaming the truck accident on a semi-truck driver who was allegedly not paying attention while driving, which caused him to lose control of his rig during wet road conditions.

As a result of the truck accident, police report that debris from the scene could be seen for miles. In total, the truck accident involved five vehicles. Following the accident, the driver of the semi was trapped inside his crushed cab. Police expressed that “it took approximately half an hour, forty five minutes it seemed like to extricate him. He was alert, talking the whole time.” Reports also detailed that the driver of a mini-van also suffered extensive head injuries and was transported to the hospital.

“Troopers said despite the clear skies, the roads were still wet. That combined with driver inattention was blamed for causing this crash.” Police expressed that it appeared that the truck accident was caused by a driver not paying attention. It “just kind of looks like the driver was coming up on the traffic, not looking too far ahead and wasn’t able to slow due to the wet pavement.”

Source: WDTN “Accident shuts down I-70 E for hours” 1/12/2011