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Driver in Critical Condition after Multi-Truck Accident

Recent news reports detail that a truck driver remains in critical condition following a multi-truck accident on Interstate 95 South. A 59-year-old tractor-trailer driver, from Williamsburg, New Jersey, was critically injured while driving a rig carrying cranberries when his rig rear-ended a flatbed tractor-trailer that was stopped for traffic half a mile south of Exit 74 around 7:14 p.m. As a result of the initial collision, the second truck was forced into a box truck stopped in front of it.

The multi-truck accident left the critically injured truck driver trapped inside of his rig and had to be extracted, according to state police. After emergency response officials successfully extracted the wounded man, the driver was flown by Life Star helicopter to Hartford hospital. The other two truck drivers, one man from Farmington and another of Florida, were reportedly unharmed in the collision.

Reports detail that the flatbed truck was hauling steel beams at the time of the crash.

Following the truck accident, the southbound lanes of the highway were closed for a majority of the evening. In addition to emergency responders, the state Environmental Protection and Consumer Protection agency also responded to the crash.

This truck accident is currently being investigated by local and state agencies. The cause of the truck accident has not yet been determined but authorities will surely review the truck’s driver log books and documentation to determine the cause of this potentially fatal crash.

Source: Norwich Bulletin “New Jersey trucker hurt in I-95 accident” 10/22/2010