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Robbery Suspect Compacted After Garbage Truck Accident in Ohio

An Ohio robbery suspect involved in a recent robbery at a Wal-Mart in Alliance was involved in an unusual garbage truck accident following his attempted robbery. According to news reports, a man who attempted to steal nearly $1,000 worth of merchandise out of a side door of the store around 5 a.m. was injured when the man tried to hide inside a garage bin that was eventually collected into a mobile trash compactor. Police and authorities attempted to look for the man for nearly 40 minutes following the attempted robbery. It wasn’t until police dispatchers received a call from the man’s friend did police locate the suspect.

Reports detail that the man called his friend on his cell phone and expressed that “he was hiding in a dumpster behind Wall-Mart in Alliance and he was hiding from police and it was just picked up and dumped into a trash truck and they were mobile and he needed help.” Later, dispatchers took a call from a man that claimed he was in the back of a trash truck and that the compactor keeps crushing his body. Police later reported that the man was literally being compacted along with six and eight tons of trash, of which was mostly discarded cardboard. Police used the man’s cell phone signal to locate the truck on the road.

Police tried to free the man by digging him out but the man was in too much pain so the truck traveled about 300 yards away from the Alliance recycling plant and dumped the load. The man was found in a massive pile of rubbish toward the front of the truck.

The man was admitted to Marcy Medical Center in critical conditions. Criminal charges in this case are still pending.

Source: Fox 8 “Robbery Suspect Compacted in Garbage Truck” 09/22/2010