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Ohio Teen Critically Injured in Truck Accident

A 14-year-old Ohio boy was critically injured Monday morning after colliding with a commercial truck while riding a motorized bicycle. The truck accident occurred just before 11:00 a.m. on the 2900 block of Rushland Drive in Kettering, OH.

According to news reports, Philip Boyer Jr. was riding his motorized shooter down an alley and onto the intersection of Rushland and Osage Avenue when he collided with a commercial truck. The collision occurred when the boy failed to stop and his motorcycle struck the rear of the truck. Witnesses of the truck accident told reporters that they saw the front tire of the boy’s bike hit the rear wheel of the commercial truck, causing Boyer to be thrown off the bike onto the street. Onlookers described that Boyer remained unconscious for several minutes following the crash.

Just a day before the truck accident, Boyer and his friends had finished building the motorized bike involved in the crash. The owner of the bike expressed that he showed Boyer how to use the brake prior to allowing him to ride around their block. Reports detail that Boyer panicked when he saw the truck and took both feet off the bike, preventing him from using the brake and avoiding a collision with the truck.

The motorcycle involved was not street legal and was not properly registered or insured. According to police, Boyer was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Shortly after the truck accident, Boyer was admitted into Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition. Currently, he is in stable condition and expected to recover after surgery and several days in intensive care.

Source: Dayton Daily News “Teen critically injured when mini cycle crashes into truck” 08/02/2010