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Welcome to Our Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog

Welcome to our Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney Blog! At Bashein & Bashein our experienced attorneys have been providing personalized legal services to Cleveland personal injury victims since 1949. We have helped hundreds of individuals effectively and successfully navigate their personal injury cases through the Ohio court system. Through our firm’s many years of practicing personal injury law, our staff has gained a significant amount of insight and knowledge about personal injury topics. For this reason, we decided to launch this blog.

The goal of our Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney Blog is to keep individuals informed about news and cases involving personal injury. Our blog will focus on information that significantly impacts individuals living in Cleveland and its surrounding areas. We will provide updates on recent news, events and cases involving personal injury topics. We plan to publish updates each week so that you are fully up to speed on changing policies and legislative changes that may affect you.

Our blog will cover a variety of personal injury topics, including:

Our hope is that you find the information contained in this blog informative and we encourage you to stop back frequently to stay up to date with news related to personal injury cases in Cleveland.  If you have comments, questions or concerns regarding our posts or suggestions for future posts, please contact us. You can contact us online or by phone at 216-771-3239 (local) or 800-771-4457 (toll free).