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July 2010 Archives

Ohio Mayor Dies in Car Accident Sunday

Ohio lost Mayor Jane L. Watts to a car accident this past Sunday night. Mayor Watts was killed when an SUV crashed into the minivan she was driving. Ohio State Patrol reports indicate the car accident occurred at 9:13 p.m. on state Route 231 at Baer Road in Grand Prairie Township.According to investigators, the 16 year old driver of the SUV ran a stop sign, striking Watts' van. Watts was elected Mayor of Morral, Ohio in 2007, also serving as dog warden for Marion County before resigning last year. The former teacher had also previously been vice-president of the Ridgedale Local Schools Board of Education.

Welcome to Our Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog

Welcome to our Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney Blog! At Bashein & Bashein our experienced attorneys have been providing personalized legal services to Cleveland personal injury victims since 1949. We have helped hundreds of individuals effectively and successfully navigate their personal injury cases through the Ohio court system. Through our firm's many years of practicing personal injury law, our staff has gained a significant amount of insight and knowledge about personal injury topics. For this reason, we decided to launch this blog.