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What damages can be claimed in a wrongful death claim?

A loved one’s unexpected passing is likely to cause you tremendous heartache, as well as significant financial strain. This is particularly true when the death is due to the negligent actions of another party, like when a loved one is killed in a car wreck or some other kind of accident. In those kinds…

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How to prevent a deadly trench collapse

Construction site hazards can come in the form of falls from height, explosions, collapsing structures, toxic exposure and vehicle accidents. One of the deadliest accidents is the cave-in or trench collapse. What can be done to prevent this workplace tragedy? On many construction projects, digging a trench is a necessary step. Even though it…

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Stay safer in a roadway work zone with these tips

Working on the road is not easy. You have vehicles traveling around you, and there are drivers who appear distracted and who don’t watch where they’re going. Work-zone fatalities lead to up to 24% of roadway delays, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction crashes are common. Other injuries can happen, too, like…

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4 common causes of scaffolding accidents

From completing a significant home renovation to the erection of a completely new build, construction workers are often required to work high above the ground. Whether this is on a ladder, on a scaffolding or on incomplete floors hundreds of feet in the air, workers must remain safe to avoid devastating injuries or fatal…

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Could poor maintenance have caused a truck crash?

You might assume trucks are the best-maintained vehicles on the road, that their drivers check all is in order before they set out, companies invest in keeping them in top condition and the authorities carry out regular checks to ensure trucks are safe to operate. The truth is, however, that does not always happen….

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