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Winter weather slams Cleveland, causes whiteout conditions for drivers

Winter is here, and that can mean that the roads are dangerous in Northeast Ohio. People in Ohio got the white Christmas that the season tends to see, but that snowfall led to dangerous, slick streets.  On Dec. 24, news about the weather also pointed out how many accidents were happening. With sleet and…

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Traumatic brain injuries: Here’s what to expect

One severe injury that may affect a victim of a car crash is a brain injury. A traumatic brain injury may happen when a person hits their head or when their head moves quickly from one side to the other, forward or back. In a car crash, the brain may impact the inside of…

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4 injured, 1 killed in hit-and-run crash in Cleveland

This story out of Cleveland is a shocking one; a massive pile-up collision led to four people suffering injuries and one person dying. What was the cause? Reportedly, it was a driver’s error, but he then fled the scene. The news from Nov. 25 reported that the 48-year-old man who caused the crash fled…

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