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What happens when a defective product causes injuries?

When you purchase a product, you expect that the manufacturer has met all the health and safety standards governing the building and selling of the product. The government regulates manufacturers to protect public safety. However, sometimes products make it to the public with defects, and in some cases, these defects are severe enough to…

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TBI numbers among possible car crash injuries

Traumatic brain injury may happen due to accidents involving an impact to the head, such as a car crash, a fall or a blow from a falling object. If a car accident happens while you are traveling at a high speed, the impact of the abrupt stop can also cause TBI, even if you do not…

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Keep everyone in the vehicle safer in a rollover crash

Rollover accidents do not happen often, but according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, they are the cause of almost 30 percent of the fatalities among people who are riders in passenger vehicles. While it is true that a rollover can result in devastating injuries or death, there are measures you can take to…

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