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October 2017 Archives

Family members may seek workers' compensation death benefits

In May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined an auto manufacturing company $500,000 for disregarding safety regulations and allowing hazards to exist at its Ohio plant. This willful safety violation led to an amputation injury in which a worker lost his one hand and a portion of his arm. Although the victim can pursue workers' compensation benefits, his life and income potential will never be the same as before.

Construction workers' accidents: Life lost at building site

Workers on construction sites in Ohio will always be at risk of suffering life-threatening injuries. However, construction workers' accidents can be limited by compliance with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, not all construction company owners encourage practicing workplace safety because, for them, profits might be more important than the lives of their employees.

Bike vs. car accidents: Injuries can have long-term consequences

One of the most frequent causes of collisions on Ohio highways might be the passing of other vehicles in unsafe circumstances. Such car accidents have caused many fatalities and severe injuries in the past. It was also reported to be the apparent cause of a recent crash that sent two people to the hospital.

Workers' compensation can ease the burden after workplace death

At a recent National Safety Congress in a neighboring state, investigators of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration discussed some of their unusual and interesting cases. Grain workers in Ohio may be interested in learning about an unexpected fatality when a worker developed an allergy to wheat dust. Reportedly, this happened soon after a company in the malting industry introduced barley and wheat into their manufacturing process, and a workers' compensation death benefits claim likely followed his death.