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Car accidents: Semi operator dies when car driver fails to yield

When cars and big rigs collide, it is almost always the occupants of the cars that suffer serious or fatal injuries. It is not often that car accidents are reported in which two cars and a semi-truck are involved in a collision that results in the death of the truck driver. The Mercer County…

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Fatal car accidents: Pedestrian dies in pickup, big rig collision

Ohio Highway Patrol reported that it is investigating a recent crash that happened in Morrow County. This was one of those car accidents that claimed the life of a person that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Along with OHP, the county sheriff’s office, EMS, fire department, coroner and…

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University studies track injuries to older motorcyclists

Motorcyclists nationwide are growing older: Between 1998 and 2003, the average age of motorcycle owners rose from 33 to 40, according to data from the Motorcycle Industry Council. Two studies, one by researchers from Brown University and one by staff at the University of Rochester Medical Center, collected data about older motorcycle riders and…

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Ohio workers’ compensation still covers undocumented workers

Ohio workplaces will continue to become safer, and injured workers will be helped to recover and return to work. This was what a Columbus lawmaker said when the new budget was recently finalized for the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. He stated that although the BWC budget showed no increase or decrease for the specific…

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Workers’ compensation: Heat exposure can kill landscapers

Landscapers in Ohio were recently reminded of the dangers posed by the sun. The hottest time of the year — with extended hours of daylight — is the period from June through August, and heat-related workers’ compensation claims are most prevalent at this time. The nature of their industry puts employees in excessive heat…

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