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August 2016 Archives

Diagnosing Ohio residents with asthma

Caused by inflammation of the airways, roughly 25.7 million Americans have asthma. Of those, 7 million are children, and symptoms such as coughing or wheezing may be caused by breathing in mold, pollen or other allergens. While it is unclear why people develop the condition, genetics may be partially to blame. Of those who responded to a Health Union survey, 52 percent said that an immediate family member also had asthma.

The failure to diagnose sepsis

Sepsis is a potentially deadly condition that kills about half of all people who get it. In the U.S. each year, around 250,000 die from the disease. People are much likelier to beat it if they are treated early, but the condition is often not diagnosed by doctors and hospitals in Ohio and around the country.

Emphasis on patient safety helps save lives in Ohio

Safety in the health care field was brought into the spotlight after a 1999 report called "To Err is Human." Released by the U.S. Institute of Medicine, it estimated that 44,000 to 98,000 people died each year because of preventable medical errors. Since then, employee training, research and political debates have largely centered on bringing that number down. However, it is believed that 3 to 5 percent of hospital deaths in the United States could be prevented.

Misdiagnoses remain a factor in mesothelioma cases

Although Ohio residents who suffer from mesothelioma may soon benefit from new diagnostic techniques, experts say that improper diagnoses are still a significant problem. According to one estimate, around one in ten individuals fail to receive the proper treatment because their case is misdiagnosed. Potentially confounding correct diagnosis, pleural mesothelioma, which begins in thoracic cavity, often travels to the lungs, and it is symptomatically similar to lung cancer. Because it is difficult to catch mesothelioma early on, the disease often results in a terminal outcome for patients.

Commercial properties and premises liability law

When Ohio residents shop in grocery stores, visit movie theaters or stay in hotels, they usually don't expect that they will be injured. That's because commercial business owners owe their customers and anyone visiting their facilities a duty of care. Business owners are obligated to keep their premises safe and correct any hazardous conditions in a reasonable amount of time.