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April 2016 Archives

Baby cradle recall could impact thousands of families

In April 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a major recall of products intended for babies. The devices in question, swinging cradles manufactured by Fisher-Price, were reportedly vulnerable to a defect that could cause the seat to drop during usage. Although no injury reports had been received, Fisher-Price recalled numerous models in a sweeping preemptive measure that might affect consumers in Ohio and other states.

Heart failure may be diagnosed earlier with AI

Many Ohio residents receive their initial diagnosis of heart failure when they visit the emergency room. For many people, the disease is terminal. Of the 23 million people with heart failure around the world, half die within five years of being diagnosed with the condition.

Fewer products recalls for children in 2015

Ohio parents who are concerned about the safety of products they purchase for their young children might be relieved to learn that according to the advocacy group Kids In Danger, in 2015, the lowest number of toys and similar products were recalled since the group started tracking these matters in 2001. However, few of the units that are recalled are ever returned. KID also found that of all the recalled products purchased in 2014, only 1 percent made their way back to the seller. Furthermore, only about 8 percent of total units are removed from circulation after a recall.