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February 2016 Archives

Hoverboards linked to at least 52 fires

Ohio residents may be aware that self-balancing scooters have become extremely popular since they first appeared on the market in 2015. This type of scooter, which are also known as hoverboards, are basically a small platform for the rider to stand on flanked by two small wheels in a side-by-side configuration. Self-balancing scooters use gyroscopes to interpret the rider's body movements and determine the desired direction of travel. The devices are particularly popular on college campuses, but safety concerns could soon see many of the majority of the hoverboards currently available removed from the market.

Communication issues put Ohio patients at risk

According to a report published by CRICO Strategies, communication issues contributed to nearly 30 percent of the 23,000 malpractice claims filed between 2009 and 2013 that the company studied. This translates to 7,149 cases that resulted in 1,744 deaths and $1.7 billion in hospital costs. However, it is believed that these numbers aren't totally accurate as cases involving patients harmed by communication errors may not have led to malpractice claims.

Chemo may benefit some stage2 colon cancer patients

Some stage 2 colon cancer patients in Ohio and around the country have an aggressive strain of the disease that could require more than just surgery. Although chemotherapy is not recommended for stage 2 colon cancer patients, researchers think that it may be necessary for certain patients. Researchers have identified a genetic marker that could tell them which patients are at risk of having cancer return after the cancer tumors have been removed in surgery.