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December 2013 Archives

Commercial trucking trend: NHTSA cites age-related concerns

Commercial truck drivers are a consistent focus of federal safety regulators’ scrutiny, with probes constantly being conducted into matters ranging from their work schedules and sleep patterns to their overall health and use of log books.

Two-truck accident closes intersection in Cleveland

Semi-trucks are dangerous vehicles. Their size alone can make them hazards on the roads. Combine the size of the trucks, dense traffic and possibly fatigues drivers and truck accident might just be waiting to happen in Cleveland.

Not enough people are leaving functions with sober drivers

There is a reason why drunk driving is illegal in Ohio; it is wildly dangerous and can injure or kill innocent motorists. When an irresponsible driver gets behind the wheel after having had too much to drink, he or she has slower reaction times, impaired judgment, and lowered inhibitions. That combination alone can be disastrous for anyone who happens to be sharing the road with him or her. What makes drunk driving even more unfortunate, however, is that it is entirely preventable. If someone wants to drink, he or she just needs a sober friend or family member to give him or her a ride.

Educational efforts aimed at distracted driving are unflagging

Do classes on distracted driving, well, really drive home the point that behaviors such as texting and talking on phones while behind the wheel are as dangerous as driving drunk -- and sometimes more deadly -- and truly need to be stopped?

Tragic demolition accident brings additional criminal charges

Material developments continue to play out in the aftermath of a tragic accident that occurred this past summer in neighboring Pennsylvania. Such an incident is hardly singular to that state and could happen in Ohio or virtually anywhere else across the country. We trace some important details here for our readers.

Fatal Ohio Thanksgiving Day crash attributed to excessive speed

The patrol vehicles used by troopers of the Ohio Highway Patrol can reportedly travel at speeds topping out at about 130 miles per hour. Last week, on Thanksgiving evening, a car was moving so fast on the Ohio Turnpike southeast of Toledo that an OHP sergeant says he couldn’t even get close to it.