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May 2013 Archives

Sitcoms seen as vehicle to influence public's driving behavior

Although he says that "the mission is harder now," a man at the core of a seminal media campaign more than two decades ago doesn't see why a repeat performance, altered to better accommodate 21st century changes in the viewing audience and its habits, can't work once again.

Bridge buckling underscores national concern with aging structures

Ohio is one of the busiest states in the country when it comes to the transportation of varied goods across its roads and interstates. Commercial truckers literally log scores of millions of miles hauling cargo through towns and cities, down highways, through tunnels and across bridges, with loads being destined for locations throughout the country.

Fatal Ohio crane accident underscores construction dangers

Notwithstanding good-faith attempts by management at a construction workplace to make the environment as safe as possible, and regardless of how many rules are promulgated by safety regulators to guard against construction accidents, industrial worksites always harbor the potential for danger and workers' injuries.

"Sorrow to Strength" conference urges enhanced big-truck safety

Every time a dire outcome ensues on an Ohio or other state roadway from a commercial truck accident resulting in the injury or death of a driver or passengers of a smaller vehicle, a number of national safety advocacy groups are noting the fact and keeping a close tally.

How bad a problem is teens' texting, driving? Very bad, indeed

The above headline is, unfortunately, far from hyperbole. The sad and simple fact is that, notwithstanding the strong and persistent efforts of safety regulators, law enforcement departments, school officials and a host of other groups, teen motorists continue to text while driving.

Motorcycle Awareness Month: Organization issues annual reminder

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) was founded in 1924 and is the now the world's largest motorcycling advocacy group in the world. The association has more than 300,000 members and a motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickering, near Columbus.