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March 2013 Archives

OSHA fines Ohio engine plant deemed severe safety violator

Federal safety regulators from OSHA have a special term for companies they deem particularly problematic when it comes to safety issues. They are termed "severe violators," and the agency mandates especially close scrutiny and follow-up remedial actions on them pursuant to its Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Regulators respond to problem of trucks striking low bridges

If, while driving, you've ever thought that some bridges across roadways seem unduly low for some of the commercial trucks busily engaged in transit, your instincts are correct: With alarming frequency, big rigs do not have enough clearance to pass safely beneath bridges, and crash as a result.

In memoriam: Ohio and Texas towns grieve for teen accident victims

Ohio's worst motor vehicle accident in more than three years and, reportedly, the deadliest car accident in Trumbull County in its history, continues to be investigated in the wake of what transpired near Warren early last Sunday morning.

Volvo invents first air bag for pedestrians struck by cars

An engineer from Swedish auto maker Volvo first came up with the idea of the 3-point seat belt, the integrated lap and shoulder harness now standard in all vehicles. Now the company is focused on mass production of the world's first pedestrian air bag, designed to deploy on the outside of a vehicle within a second of sensors noting contact with a human leg.

Trucking advocacy group, safety organization spar over crash data

There's a war of words going on, although most members of the general motoring public in Ohio and elsewhere across the country likely know little or even nothing about it.