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February 2013 Archives

Bill targets fire, explosion risks of ignitable dust in workplaces

As has been noted in prior posts for this blog, the need for workers suffering work-related accidents and on-the-job injuries to collect workers' compensation benefits for lost wages, medical expenses and other costs is a constant in many industries in Ohio and across the country.

The ongoing distracted driving debate: A need for harsher exactions?

The story of a teen-aged girl in Utah who was recently struck while walking by a man who was texting and said by police to be driving while drunk is serving as yet another reminder of the ravages wrought by distracted and even mindless driving on the nation's roadways. Luckily, the girl survived, although a number of surgeries await her. The driver took his eyes off the road for an estimated two seconds and was two words into his text when the accident occurred.

Muddy shoulders cause spate of truck accidents on I-90 in NE Ohio

Here's a bit of irony that has recently been manifest on Interstate 90 in the most northeastern corner of the state near Pennsylvania: A highway repair project geared toward increasing traffic safety has quite directly led to a spate of truck accidents.

Buyer beware: What you might not know about some cars being sold

Consumer beware: Your recent car purchase may be harboring some neglected recalls. A new study completed by the vehicle-history website Carfax has found that more than two million vehicles were put up for sale online in 2012 despite featuring unrepaired safety recalls. Since plenty of cars are sold offline, though, the actual figures in Ohio and across the country could be much higher.

"Under-ride" crashes persistent concern in Ohio, nationally

"This is not rocket science, and it's obviously not cost prohibitive," says Adrian Lund, the president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). He adds: "And we know how to fix this."

OSHA cites Chevron's egregious conduct, levies $1 million fine

A spokesperson for an environmental advocacy organization recently voiced his view that the results of an OSHA inspection into an oil refinery explosion last August would be "revelatory" and expose Chevron's safety culture as nothing more than "running the refinery to the point of failure."

Many motorists simply don't drive safely around large trucks

Many motorists get uneasy when driving in the presence of 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. But according to new driver safety data, the risks don't necessary lie in the commercial vehicles themselves, but rather how other cars behave around them.