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November 2012 Archives

Survey says: Distracted young motorists remain a driving danger

When it comes to driver criticisms and finger pointing, no other demographic stands out as distinctly as young motorists, who, statistically, lead up virtually every category related to driving deficiency.

NTSB safety recommendations of relevance to Ohio, national truckers

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its annual "Most Wanted List" that features a number of upgrades it would like to see incorporated into commercial trucks. This year's wish list includes four recommendations: Eliminating Substance-Impaired Driving; Preserving the Integrity of Transportation Infrastructure; Elimination Distraction in Transportation; and Mandating Motor Vehicle Collision Avoidance Technology.

Ohio company challenges OSHA safety violation, loses at trial

Companies cited by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for safety-related violations at construction and other work sites can accept the citation -- whether that means paying a fine, remedying a substandard work condition that could lead to a construction accident, equipment accident or other injury or terminating engagement in a dangerous activity -- or challenge OSHA's determination.

Constantly evolving vehicle safety features: The race is on

In a recent blog post (please see our October 29 entry), we noted the hopes of auto manufacturers that autonomous vehicles -- cars and trucks with accident-avoidance features that assist drivers and actually operate in many instances independently of them -- would begin having a notably salutary effect on curbing car accidents and vehicle-related deaths within a few short years.

Ohio man found dead at worksite, OSHA investigating

Two weeks ago, an Ohio man was found dead at a construction company's office in Tallmadge. The 48-year-old, a mechanic from Deerfield, died of compressional asphyxia, according to the medical examiner. A co-worker found him dead, trapped under a pneumatic lift.

Linndale officer under fire for texting and driving

We have all heard about the devastation that texting and driving can cause, and some people have experienced it firsthand. In Ohio, it is illegal for residents to text while driving for the purpose of keeping our roads safe and preventing serious car accidents. Those who are caught doing so can face fines and other penalties. What happens, however, if a police officer texts and drives while someone is in their backseat? As was recently discovered in Cuyahoga County, nothing.

Should one state's youth-focused driving rule be exported to Ohio?

Red decals affixed to the license plates of cars driven by young drivers in one state -- New Jersey -- have been effective in preventing car accidents, according to a new study, but those positive results haven't quieted the criticisms that the new approach infringes upon the constitutional liberties of the drivers and also presents other risks. Some safety regulators are asking whether New Jersey's law should be considered in states across the country, including Ohio.