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September 2012 Archives

Ohio man fails to stop, leaving 1 dead, 1 injured in truck crash

No two motor vehicle accidents occur under identical circumstances. Yet in many truck accidents, the 18-wheeler's driver fails to notice a smaller vehicle and the outcome is usually bleak for the other driver. However, the apparent cause for a recent two-vehicle accident in Ohio strays from the typical narrative.

Town stunned by car accident death of Cleveland Clinic officer

Residents of Willoughby, Ohio, are absolutely shocked by the loss of a notable member of their community as the result of a tragic motor vehicle accident. A 32-year-old Lake County police officer was driving on a residential street when he was caught up in the car accident, which prematurely claimed his life.

Police: Education helps cut Fairfield County motorcycle crashes

Saying that, "The love overshadows the crash," a longtime Harley Davidson dealer in Carroll, a small town in Fairfield County, continues to extol the virtues and sheer thrills of riding a motorcycle despite a serious injury sustained in a motorcycle accident decades ago.

Recent OSU bike-truck accident puts safety focus on cyclists

An incident in which an Ohio State University (OSU) student riding his bike on campus earlier this month was seriously injured in a bicycle-truck accident has galvanized much of the student body and local bicycle safety groups. Moreover, it has focused strong attention on the vulnerability of bicyclists and the need for enhanced safety awareness and measures around campus environs, given the school's large bike-riding population.

Car crash deaths from street racing concern authorities nationally

Despite being outlawed, drag racing continues to be a recreational activity among thrill-seeking drivers across the nation, including in Ohio. And although it is not often seen making headlines, the recent death of a college professor and her two-year-old daughter has illuminated the serious car accident risks taken on by these drivers.

In Ohio and nationally, adults weigh in on underage drinking

The legal minimum drinking age has been a continued subject of debate in Ohio and across the country, with some feeling the minimum age is too restrictive and others believing that the drinking restrictions play an important role in reducing the rate of car accidents and other problems resulting from underage drinking.

Ex-OSU standout and Browns player wins NFL workers' comp case

The recent saga of Tom Tupa, an ex-NFL player seeking to collect workers' compensation benefits for a work-related injury he sustained on a playing field in 2005, is widely instructive, including in Ohio. The league has teams across the country, including one in Cleveland and Cincinnati, respectively, and Tupa's story reveals much about how the NFL and its teams view workers' comp claims and seek to defend against them.

New NHTSA rule creates info uniformity for vehicle black boxes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) enacted a new rule effective September 1 that requires black box technology in vehicles to record uniform data in a variety of categories, including the types of data captured, the accuracy of the information and the ability for the box to survive a car crash.