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August 2012 Archives

Ohio counties report uptick in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012

According to officials from multiple Ohio counties, their locales are experiencing a troubling uptick in motorcycle accidents this riding season, and the rise in more than just a bit discernible.

Truck fleets turn to new computer modeling to identify crash risks

Technology has taken trucking industry safety to new levels. As a result, the industry hopes to see a reduction in truck accidents and tractor trailer crashes caused by reckless driving, making roads and freeways in Ohio and across the nation safer.For years, computers, GPS trackers and devices that monitor driver communications have provided information about truck fleets, drivers' practices and conditions surrounding accidents. Enhancements of these tools give fleet managers new ways to find out what's happening in their vehicles in real time. New innovations enable managers to offer real-time corrective advice to drivers before accidents happen.

Truck industry reacts to NHTSA anti-rollover proposal

New requirements for anti-rollover systems in trucks are being opposed by American truck manufacturers, saying the regulations create millions of dollars in extra expenses to implement a rollover prevention system that probably won't significantly cut down on truck crash rates.

Safety group wants stronger focus on "small-overlap" crashes

Noting that most car manufacturers design their vehicles "to ace" the safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the president of the latter organization says that new model offerings were recently subjected to a more stringent front-end car crash scenario.

Ghost bikes: keeping alive the memory of bike-car crash victims

Just as crosses are often used to mark the places where motor vehicle passengers were killed in a car accident, so are bicyclists finding their own unique memorials. In Ohio and across the United States, modest memorials known as "ghost bikes" are being set up at bike-car crash sites to remember the riders who were killed in transit.

U.S. parents need to up their game in safely securing kids in cars

The leading cause of death for children over the age of three in the United States is a car crash, and a recent safety study indicates that American parents and other motorists who exercise supervisory roles over children aren't doing nearly enough to combat that sad statistic.

Videotape emerging as investigatory tool in vehicle/bike crashes

In the heat of a car accident or near-accident, many bicyclists are too frazzled and concerned about their safety to take the time to memorize vehicle license plates or other identifying features of vehicles. But even as some bicyclists continue to struggle to receive the respect they deserve on public roadways, an inventive tool is helping them defend their right-of-way.

New fatal crash data: So far, 2012 "disappointing" nationally

Motor vehicle safety experts are pleased with their efforts to improve safety features in vehicles to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities, and for good reason: Car accident fatality rates have been consistently in decline for much of the past decade.