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July 2012 Archives

Of note to Ohio 2013 Ford Escape owners: dual recalls

Ford's new Escape model SUV has been hit with a second recall since its release last month, this time amid concerns that weak fuel lines can crack and spill gasoline, creating potentially deadly engine fires and spiking car accident risks. The recall only applies to Escapes with 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engines.

Summer construction accidents in Ohio: Emphasis turns to roadways

The specter of a serious or fatal construction accident in Ohio often relates to what might happen -- most often through negligence -- at a building site where workers are at risk of an equipment accident, a fall or scaffolding accident, electrical or burn injuries, a trench cave or similarly dangerous condition.

Ohio truck driver dies in crash; actions perhaps saved others

According to an official with the Akron Police Department, the driver who died earlier this month in a truck accident after his vehicle hit a tree, flipped over and ended up submerged in the Cuyahoga River might have been a hero during the last moments of his life.

Ohio firefighters receive accident training involving electric cars

Noting that hybrid electric vehicles "are here to stay," a Connecticut firefighter who conducts training for the National Fire Protection Association adds that firefighters should know how to respond when a car accident involves an electrical car and the singular issues that differentiate it from gas-driven vehicles.

Ohio BWC chief offers safety comments during National Safety Month

Workplace accidents and injuries are simply a fact of life on construction sites, in factories, on roadwork crews and in a number of work environments. Some companies simply have demonstrated safety records that underscore a lack of focus on or even due care concerning dangerous conditions or safety violations. Others admittedly do work very hard to increase workplace safety, but, notwithstanding their efforts, no work environment can ever be made totally free of risk and injury.

Standards protecting against "underride" accidents questioned

With the height discrepancy between semi truck trailers and cars being so great, many collisions between the two in which a car runs into the back of a truck result in the car's windshield taking the brunt of the contact.

OSHA cites numerous Ohio companies for safety violations

Several Ohio manufacturing and construction companies have drawn the close scrutiny of inspectors from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) over the past several months, with each being given citations for safety violations. Collectively, the companies were assessed more than a quarter million dollars in fines for the part OHSA investigators say they played in various construction accident incidents and other work-related injuries.