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June 2012 Archives

Vehicle safety agreement between feds, automakers under scrutiny

A new federal study shows that efforts to reduce fatalities in truck accidents between cars and trucks have been successful concerning cars and sport utility vehicles. Accidents between cars and pickup trucks, however, have actually experienced an upward tick resulting in more fatalities, suggesting further safety measures need to be taken by automakers to better protect drivers in Ohio and across the rest of the country.

Major trucking groups square off on black-box recorders

Black box technology has long been used in airplanes to record key data used to determine the causes of flight malfunctions, irregularities and accidents. A new proposal included in a bill currently in front of Congress would utilize the same black boxes to log the driving hours of commercial truck drivers, and the issue has split two major organizations in the trucking industry.

OSHP solicits aid of commercial truckers to improve road safety

Officials from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and other state law-enforcement agencies duly note that they are always seeking to improve road safety in the state by reducing car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes and collisions.

Survey: Teen passengers with teen drivers not always a bad thing

The longstanding belief has been that, the more teenagers stuffed into a car, the higher the risk of that car becoming involved in a car accident. A new survey is challenging this assumption, though, suggesting instead that the presence of other teens in a vehicle can deter the driver from using his or her cell phone and otherwise being distracted while driving

Report: These cars and trucks most dangerous in America

A comprehensive study released by an equity investor information website identified the most dangerous vehicles on the road and those most likely to be involved in a car accident. The research company, 24/7, provides analysis to global investors. The study was conducted to identify problematic American vehicles.