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March 2012 Archives

Pedal to the metal: Probe reveals some cops drive just too fast

It's well known that drivers who speed are responsible for far too many car accidents on our nation's highways. What isn't as well known is that some of these motorists traveling too fast are police officers.CBS News recently reported on an investigation by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Florida that found nearly 800 police officers from 12 Florida agencies who drove between 90 to 130 miles per hour on state highways.

Spring is here: A reminder for motorcycle safety, awareness in Ohio

With spring having just arrived, and the weather being unseasonably warm quite early this year throughout much of Ohio, it is hardly a surprise that motorcyclists -- an avid group to begin with -- are already out in force on many state roads and highways.

OSHA cites Ohio company for scores of safety violations

An Ohio company with a safety record already considered substandard by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was tagged by the agency earlier this month with scores of violations that OSHA viewed upped the risk of construction accidents and other injuries for onsite workers.

Trucks, planes, trains: Ohio operators, others seriously fatigued

A major new study published by the National Sleep Foundation is sounding the alarm on transportation professionals, such as commercial truck drivers, stating that their sleep deprivation puts them at a much greater risk of being involved in a truck accident.

A spate of recent wrong-way crashes concerns Ohio safety officials

Spokespersons for the Ohio State Highway Patrol say that statistics concerning wrong-way crashes within the state have not been routinely kept over the years, but that they are being especially noted now and will be an individual category for close scrutiny beginning next year.

In Ohio and nationally, more older drivers on the road

A clear case of driver negligence that has been reported widely in the media took the lives of two people in Iowa last year and could easily have resulted in far worse consequences for two others. The story has been raised often nationally to illustrate the growing concerns that safety officials and law enforcement agencies across the country -- including in Ohio -- are expressing regarding aged drivers and car accidents.

Feds issue guidelines to reduce distractions, vehicle accidents

Newly issued driving guidelines proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) could be the first to directly address GPS units and other electronic devices that foster distracted driving and increase the risk of drivers becoming involved in car accidents.

Momentum toward accident-reducing car cameras temporarily stalled

Saying that the U.S. Department of Transportation has "made significant progress" toward developing a final rule regarding the installation of rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles , Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood once again delayed the final deadline scheduled for the new law to go into effect.