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October 2011 Archives

Safety features in older cars geared more toward men

A study by the American Journal of Public Health found that women who wear seat belts are 47 percent more likely to be injured in a car accident than are men in the same type of crash. The study found that this huge disparity owes to the way safety systems in older model cars and trucks are designed.

Dozens injured in Ohio hayride accident

Fall is the time of year known for apple picking and hayrides. What could be more fun than going on a hayride on a crisp autumn day surrounded by friends? Unfortunately, when dozens of people were injured on a hayride in Erie County recently, what seemed like a relaxing way to spend an October day ended with a serious accident.

Combat vets suffer comparatively high rate of car accidents

Ohio has a lot of military veterans, including a sizable number of service members who are either back home on deployment or have returned permanently from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congressional debate focuses on roofing falls, construction safety

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) underscored the intensity of a recent congressional debate centered on construction accident issues when he pointedly asked a colleague who fervently opposes a new OSHA proposal that would put beefed-up restrictions on residential roofers this question: "Have you ever fallen off a roof?"

Does expanding hours for alcohol sales increase car accidents?

A sure-fire way to start an impassioned debate is to broach the subject of increasing state revenues by raising taxes on alcohol sales and/or expanding the hours during which establishments with liquor licenses can sell alcoholic beverages.

An Ohio and national concern: sleep apnea in the trucking industry

The interstate highways and state roads splayed across Ohio serve as major arteries for commercial truckers transporting goods both within and beyond the state. Numerous studies and statistics indicate that the volume of Ohio truck traffic is greater than that of many other states.

In Ohio, autumn brings increased number of car-deer collisions

A current debate in Solon is centering on something not often considered by city residents, namely, this: whether the city should soon implement a sharpshooter culling program and pilot crossbow hunting program to reduce the presence of deer locally.

No-texting-while-driving bill currently before Ohio Senate

Ohio House Bill 99 bans texting while driving and will become law if it passes the Ohio Senate and is signed by Gov. John Kasich. Thirty-four other states have already enacted such legislation , based on strong and sobering empirical evidence that many thousands of fatal car accidents are caused in the United States each year by people texting, reading or otherwise being distracted while driving.