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August 2011 Archives

ODOT Study Examines Teen Start-of-School-Year Car Crash Data

Between August and October each year, especially in the early morning hours, and particularly around 7 a.m. there is a recurring constant throughout Ohio: car accidents with teen drivers behind the wheel.

Safety Group Urges Core Accident-Reduction Strategies: Ohio's Laws

If Ohio was to be assigned a grade relating to its support for and adherence to core safety recommendations enumerated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a means to reduce car accidents and traffic-related fatalities, it might be a "C."

Ohio Farmers, Others React to Fed Proposal on Farm Driving

Ohio farmers and their counterparts throughout the rest of the country don't think that their kids' occasional operation of trucks, tractors and other agricultural equipment is even a negligible contributor to truck accidents on highways and rural roads. Given that viewpoint, their attitude toward a federal proposal suggesting that farmers driving while engaged in agricultural activities should be regulated similarly to commercial truck drivers is predictable.

Future Anti-Accident Vehicle Technology in Ohio, Across the Nation

If you're driving along in Ohio and see a smart-looking new vehicle in an adjacent lane, you might be surprised to find out just how truly "smart" that automobile is. Technological changes in the form of on-board safety features designed to help drivers avoid car accidents are inundating the automotive industry, cheered along at every new developmental juncture by government regulators and safety advocates.

Study: Focus on Back Injuries and Workers' Comp Settlements

If further evidence was ever required that diligent representation and a strong focus on maximum recovery are absolutely essential in a workers' compensation case -- especially one involving an on-the-job back injury -- researchers at Saint Louis University have just provided it.

Ford's 2nd Major Truck Recall This Year; Defect Can Cause Fires

Given its claw back from an inferior position just a few short years ago and the steadily rising sales of its vehicles virtually across the board, Ford Motor Co. wants to be associated in consumers' minds with quality and innovation.

Workers' Comp a Major Component in New NFL Bargaining Pact

Some Ohio lawmakers and legislators in other states -- especially those concerned with workers' compensation matters -- have undoubtedly noted what is going on in California as regards professional athletes and the workers' comp law in that state.

Drunk Drivers: Penalties Across State Borders Range Widely

The central nexus between drunk drivers and fatal car accidents - 12, 744 DUI-related deaths in 2009, according to government statistics - is well recognized and can hardly be overstated. The FBI states that close to 1.5 million people are arrested each year on state roads and highways across the country for driving while drunk.