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July 2011 Archives

Psychological Testing, Gene Evaluation as Prerequisites for Driving?

Ohio traffic officials and safety experts, along with their counterparts throughout the rest of the country, focus on improving the safety environment as the primary means for reducing car accidents and safeguarding motorists' lives. The emphasis is on improved road construction and engineering, logical signage, stronger and more stable vehicles, as well as laws mandating seat belt use and seeking to minimize distracting behaviors in the car, such as talking on cell phones and texting.

Ohio Report: Onus on Buyer to Check Used Car Recall Issue/s

When Clarence Ditlow says that, "This is an accident waiting to happen," the Executive Director for the Center for Auto Safety is not referring to a drunk driver about to get into his or her car or a hazardous road condition that increases the risk of car accidents.

Ohio-Based Bendix Could Benefit from New Truck Crash Prevention Rule

Ohio-based Bendix Corp., a major truck-parts manufacturer, could potentially emerge as the primary beneficiary of a mandated standard on rollover- stability technology to prevent truck accidents expected to be announced after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") finishes research studies.

Ohio Jury: Vehicular Homicide Verdict in Car Accident Case

A Licking County courtroom in Newark was the venue in which a final outcome was reached last Friday in the legal resolution of a tragic car accident that occurred slightly more than three years ago near the city of Pataskala.

Wave of Motorcycle Crashes Across Ohio Concerns Authorities

We noted for readers in a previous blog post (May 31) some of the stark statistics related to motorcycle accidents in Ohio. Between 2008 and 2010, for example, more than 11,000 motorcyclists were injured on state roads, which seems a flatly remarkable number. Moreover, well more than 500 of those riders died as a result of their crashes.

Ohio House Passes Anti-Texting Bill; Senate Must Now Act

Thirty states and Washington, D.C., have a texting-while-driving ban that it is believed serves as a strong deterrent to irresponsible behavior and greatly reduces tragic outcomes from car accidents and roadway fatalities.

Recent Ohio Car Accidents Put Spotlight on Seat Belts

Ohio State Highway Patrol spokespersons frequently weigh in with public announcements concerning the importance of motorists and their passengers wearing seat belts at all times when they are in a vehicle, and they buttress their admonitions with statistics that stress the inordinate number of fatal car accidents involving persons that were not belted.

The NFL Lockout: Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitative Therapy

"If there weren't a lockout, I'd be in Cleveland," says National Football League defensive lineman Travis Ivey of the Cleveland Browns professional football team.

Cincinnati-Based Accident Prevention Program to Expand Nationally

Saying that, "We were seeing a disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic children coming into the hospital with severe crash-related injuries," Dr. Rebeccah Brown of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center was part of a team that created a safety program called Buckle Up for Life in 2004 that centers on reducing injuries to this young and vulnerable group in car accidents.