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May 2011 Archives

An Annual Summer Concern in Ohio: Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Although today marks the last day of the National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month campaign, the Ohio Highway Patrol is urging all motorists to keep the initiative's themes and safety reminders centrally in mind, especially with the summer months approaching.

Regulators: FMCSA Rating System Reduces Commercial Truck Crashes

Concerned with reducing the number and severity of commercial truck accidents, and seeking to more closely regulate truckers generally, Congress enacted the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 to deregulate the trucking industry.

Ohio a Top-10 State for Costs Related to Crash-Related Deaths

Everyone knows that the human costs associated with the many thousands of car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes occurring across the country each year are truly tragic.

Truck Accidents Focus of National Safety Meeting

A tragic truck accident that occurred in 2009 on an interstate highway in Oklahoma is serving as a strong catalyst to promote frank and wide-ranging discussions among safety advocates and regulators and the truck industry regarding industry rules and recent recommendations.

OSHA Fines OH Bridge Painting Company for Fall, Scaffold Hazards

A company's enrollment in OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program is about as far from a badge of honor as can possibly be envisioned. APBN Inc., a bridge painting company from Campbell, Ohio, is a new member of the club, with OSHA finding a number of material errors and omissions related to the company's supervision and protection of employees working on an Ohio Department of Transportation bridge project.

Kids, Car Accidents, Child Restraint Systems: The Yale Study

Findings from the Yale School of Medicine that will be presented at the upcoming Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Denver might reasonably be expected to focus on the rather erudite and clinically centered information that customarily features at such peer gatherings.

Widespread Focus on Ohio's Workers' Compensation Program

Recent maneuvering and rhetoric by Ohio Gov. John Kasich and others concerning the state's workers' compensation system is merely indicative of the fact that the state's Bureau of Workers' Compensation ("BWC") is seldom far from the minds of politicians, business leaders, labor organizers and a host of other interested parties.