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Do you know the signs of aggressive driving?

As a regular driver on the roads of Ohio, you are already aware there is always the risk of accidents and injuries. Those risks increase tremendously when aggression is a factor. Aggressive driving is becoming so common that you may have encountered an aggressive motorist during your commute and have responded with a few aggressive actions of your own. You may even feel the same way when you encounter the same issues. 

Accident reconstruction is helpful in motorcycle crash cases

It is not uncommon for people to assume that a motorcycle accident is the fault of the rider, not the car that is involved. After all, the bike is fast and powerful, and it is widely believed that motorcyclists are apt to speed and take chances on the road.

University studies track injuries to older motorcyclists

Motorcyclists nationwide are growing older: Between 1998 and 2003, the average age of motorcycle owners rose from 33 to 40, according to data from the Motorcycle Industry Council. Two studies, one by researchers from Brown University and one by staff at the University of Rochester Medical Center, collected data about older motorcycle riders and the injuries they suffer as the result of crashes.