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Construction workers' accidents: Life lost at building site

Workers on construction sites in Ohio will always be at risk of suffering life-threatening injuries. However, construction workers' accidents can be limited by compliance with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, not all construction company owners encourage practicing workplace safety because, for them, profits might be more important than the lives of their employees.

An investigation is underway to determine whether this was the case when a construction worker lost his life while working on a Cleveland site on a recent Wednesday afternoon. According to a police report, the incident happened on the building site where the new engineering facility of the Cleveland State University is under construction. The circumstances that caused the accident was not revealed.

OSHA lists the 10 most common safety and health violations

The job of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to set and enforce safety and health practices in the workplace. Employees are accustomed to seeing OSHA safety reminders posted on walls and cork boards everywhere.

OSHA standards are not always followed, however. In March 2017, the agency released its list of the top 10 health and safety violations for the previous fiscal year.

Bike vs. car accidents: Injuries can have long-term consequences

One of the most frequent causes of collisions on Ohio highways might be the passing of other vehicles in unsafe circumstances. Such car accidents have caused many fatalities and severe injuries in the past. It was also reported to be the apparent cause of a recent crash that sent two people to the hospital.

According to officials of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the crash occurred at approximately 7:30 on a recent Tuesday evening in Bath Township. Reportedly, a semi was traveling south on a local highway with a car following behind it. At some stage, the driver of the car decided to pass the semi but encountered an oncoming motorcycle.

Workers' compensation can ease the burden after workplace death

At a recent National Safety Congress in a neighboring state, investigators of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration discussed some of their unusual and interesting cases. Grain workers in Ohio may be interested in learning about an unexpected fatality when a worker developed an allergy to wheat dust. Reportedly, this happened soon after a company in the malting industry introduced barley and wheat into their manufacturing process, and a workers' compensation death benefits claim likely followed his death.

The determination of OSHA inspectors after the investigation was that the company failed to do a hazard assessment at the time of introducing the new product that, being a grain, should have been identified as posing a dust risk. In fact, the company had no program in place to address grain dust hazards other than yearly respiratory clearance tests. Although the deceased worker went through those examinations, his asthmatic tendencies were not identified.

Were you texting while walking when that Mustang struck you?

Here is the problem: You step off the curb at a pedestrian crosswalk, and a Mustang convertible sideswipes you. Fortunately, your injuries are not as serious as they could be, but you do have a broken ankle, a bruised hip and a badly sprained wrist.

The Mustang is traveling at an unsafe speed because the driver is busy texting. However, you are also texting as you walk, so the driver’s insurance company may not see you as the victim of this accident.

Car accidents: 1 dies when car is crushed between 2 semi trucks

Sharing the Ohio highways with commercial trucks leaves motorists vulnerable. This is often underscored when lives are lost in crashes that involve big rigs. A recent wreck on U.S. 30 is an example of how the negligence of truck drivers can lead to fatal car accidents.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has launched an investigation into a fatal accident in Van Wert County. Reportedly, two commercial trucks and a sedan were involved in the incident. An accident report indicates that a 63-year-old driver of a sedan was traveling west behind a semi truck. Immediately behind the sedan followed another semi, operated by a 33-year-old driver. When the traffic slowed down, the drivers of both the first semi and the car also reduced speed.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 injured in work zone crash

Working in road construction zones in Ohio and other states is often life-threatening. Not only are the employees exposed to the dangerous road construction equipment, but their lives are also threatened by negligent drivers who pass through. Many lives have been lost and severe injuries suffered in construction workers' accidents on the country's highways.

Workers at a work zone at the ramp between I-270 south and I-70 west were fortunate to escape fatal injuries during a recent incident that involved a motorist. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, a concrete barrier was in place to protect the workers from the passing traffic. However, one motorist managed to get his car in the space between the concrete barrier and the guardrail.

Adding auxiliary lights can make motorcycle riding safer

The last thing you want to do when you are enjoying the open road on your motorcycle is to get into a crash. Without the protection of the steel framework provided by a car, you are always extremely vulnerable to an accident with serious injuries.

Like all motorcycle riders, you want to do all you can to make your bike visible and to stay safe. To better see and be seen as a rider, and adding auxiliary driving lights can help.

Workers' compensation claim may follow airport cleaner's injury

A cleaner, employed by a private company in another state, recently suffered serious injuries that were caused by a plane operated by an Ohio based company. The fact that her injury might have been caused by a third-party may allow the victim to claim more than just workers' compensation benefits. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

A preliminary report indicates that the incident occurred at an international airport in another state. It happened in the early hours of a recent Saturday in one of the maintenance areas at the airport, and not on the runway. Under circumstances yet to be determined, the 54-year-old cleaner was struck by the moving propeller of a CummutAir plane.

Car accidents: Suspected drunk driver rear-ends horse-draw buggy

People traveling on horse-drawn buggies on Ohio roads are extremely vulnerable because they do not have seat belts, air bags or other protection that automobiles offer. The risks of being involved in car accidents are even higher when they travel on buggies after dark. Rear-end collisions involving these carriages and automobiles are quite common.

One such an accident sent four people to different hospitals on a recent Monday evening. An accident report prepared by the Ohio State Highway Patrol indicates that an Amish buggy was rear-ended by a car in Knox County at about 8 p.m. Reportedly, the buggy was occupied by a couple who had their 14-week-old infant with them.