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COVID-19 And Workers’ Compensation

We at Bashein & Bashein hope that you are safe and healthy during this crisis. We would like to take some tiem to discuss COVID-19 and workers’ compensation. We have received many questions whether someone diagnosed with COVID-19 can file a workers’ compensation claim.

If you, a family member or afriend believe they were exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace or as a result of work duties, please contact us. Occupations related to workplace exposure include but are not limited to:

  • Police officers;
  • Fire fighters;
  • Other first responders;
  • Doctors, nurses and any other care giver in the medical field;
  • Delivery truck drivers;
  • Grocery store workers;
  • Drug store workers;
  • Restaurant workers;
  • Warehouse workers;
  • Transportation workers;
  • Construction workers; and
  • Any workers that is exposed to COVID-19 in their work.

If you, your family member, friend or a lost loved one believe they developed COVID-19 as a result of exposure at work, please feel free to contact us at 216-771-3239 or contact Richard Bashein directly at [email protected] to discuss a potential workers’ compensation claim.

Bashein & Bashein has proudly represented first responders and medical care workers’ since 1949 for injuries, cardiorespiratory conditions, cancer diagnoses and infectious disease.

Please stay well.

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