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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Workers' compensation may bring financial relief after amputation

Many workers in industrial facilities face hazards in their workplaces that could result in amputations. Employers who disregard safety regulations may not realize that, even though workers' compensation benefits cover financial losses, the emotional damages caused by losing a limb or even just a finger are not covered. The impact such an injury can have on the life of an employee and his or her family is devastating.

OSHA: New proposal will help in our oversight of workplace safety

David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, notes that, given his agency’s limited resources, it would take OSHA investigators about a century to conduct safety inspections at all the nation’s workplaces.

Safety awards highlight risks to Ohio businesses, workers

Nine Ohio business and government entities across the state have been awarded money under the state’s Safety-Intervention Grant Program, with the nearly $260,000 provided them being allotted to safety enhancements at their respective workplaces.

We're working longer: Work environments had better respond to that

Tomorrow’s manufacturing work environment in Ohio and elsewhere across the country will look quite different from what it does today. As noted in a recent report on the subject, managers of industrial worksites will “be proactive in employing new strategies and proven tactics to reduce injury triggers in the workplace.”

Fed regulators slap Ohio Home Depot store for safety violations

Saying that “it continues to dismiss a culture of safety as a priority,” an official from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines against national retailer Home Depot for multiple safety infractions observed at one Ohio store.

Are workplaces safer, or are employees scared to report injuries?

The question posed in this blog title is being earnestly debated by advocates on both sides of the argument. On-the-job injuries noted by the federal government have dropped discernibly over the past 10 years, but not everyone in Ohio and elsewhere with a close interest in workplace safety believes that the downward spike is a positive development.