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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Ohio workers' compensation has the back of firefighters

Firefighters in Ohio will likely be relieved after an announcement last month that funds will be made available to provide them with better protection against the health hazards they face. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has established a program to limit the exposure of the state's firefighters to various toxic elements when they are fighting fires. The program is called the Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant Program.

Workers' compensation can ease the financial burden after injury

Workplace injuries can be life changing and impact both victims and their loved ones. This is underscored by the consequences of an incident in which an Ohio worker was struck by a company vehicle. Although the injured man will receive workers' compensation benefits to provide financial support, his suffering involves much more than economical hardship.

Family members may seek workers' compensation death benefits

In May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined an auto manufacturing company $500,000 for disregarding safety regulations and allowing hazards to exist at its Ohio plant. This willful safety violation led to an amputation injury in which a worker lost his one hand and a portion of his arm. Although the victim can pursue workers' compensation benefits, his life and income potential will never be the same as before.

Workers' compensation can ease the burden after workplace death

At a recent National Safety Congress in a neighboring state, investigators of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration discussed some of their unusual and interesting cases. Grain workers in Ohio may be interested in learning about an unexpected fatality when a worker developed an allergy to wheat dust. Reportedly, this happened soon after a company in the malting industry introduced barley and wheat into their manufacturing process, and a workers' compensation death benefits claim likely followed his death.

Workers' compensation claim may follow airport cleaner's injury

A cleaner, employed by a private company in another state, recently suffered serious injuries that were caused by a plane operated by an Ohio based company. The fact that her injury might have been caused by a third-party may allow the victim to claim more than just workers' compensation benefits. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Workers' compensation can help with end-of-life expenses

Some companies in Ohio fail to prioritize employee safety over profits, not realizing that workplace injuries can have an adverse impact on the bottom line. Every workers' compensation claim that is filed can potentially increase the company's insurance premiums. This will likely happen if the surviving family members of a man who died in a recent workplace accident file a survivors' benefits claim.

Workers' compensation provides valuable assistance

A stamping plant in Ohio is facing penalties of over $200,000 for violations of safety violations. With additional expenses in increased premiums after workers' compensation claims, such fines can have adverse effects on any company's bottom line. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently concluded two investigations at this facility.

Car accidents: Semi operator dies when car driver fails to yield

When cars and big rigs collide, it is almost always the occupants of the cars that suffer serious or fatal injuries. It is not often that car accidents are reported in which two cars and a semi-truck are involved in a collision that results in the death of the truck driver. The Mercer County Sheriff indicated that this was the result of a recent crash.

Ohio workers' compensation still covers undocumented workers

Ohio workplaces will continue to become safer, and injured workers will be helped to recover and return to work. This was what a Columbus lawmaker said when the new budget was recently finalized for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. He stated that although the BWC budget showed no increase or decrease for the specific two-year period, additional provisions would be available.

Workers' compensation: Heat exposure can kill landscapers

Landscapers in Ohio were recently reminded of the dangers posed by the sun. The hottest time of the year -- with extended hours of daylight -- is the period from June through August, and heat-related workers' compensation claims are most prevalent at this time. The nature of their industry puts employees in excessive heat for the majority of each workday. Health and safety authorities underscored the importance of teaching teenagers in part-time summer jobs about the dangers of heat exposure.