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How can an injured worker get help filing a compensation claim?

It's not easy to get over a workplace injury. This is often true when an injury is severe enough to really change your life. But sometimes, injuries stop workers from doing their jobs as they had in the past. Fortunately, it is easy to make a claim for the workers' compensation payments they need to recover.

Workers' compensation fund continue to grow in Ohio

Workers deserve the best possible protection when they are on the job, especially when their employment is potentially hazardous like construction or emergency services. But if employers had to be prepared to pay medical expenses on their own, few small- or medium-sized businesses would survive an accident or two.

Ohio considering PTSD as a work injury for compensation

Pain and injury on the job is one of the most terrifying situations that a lot of workers could face. Many government regulations, including all of the ones enforced by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and several individual procedures used by companies are there simply to keep workers safe and stop them worrying about their safety.

Workers' compensation claim led to criminal charges

When people are hurt on the job in Ohio, they have a lot of options to help them recover from it. Minor injuries may require a trip to the doctor, and many employers offer a health insurance option that may pay or defray the cost for medical care. But serious injuries that are related to work may be covered by workers' compensation claims.

An overview of the Ohio workers' compensation program

Those who have worked for any length of time already know that workers' compensation provides financial benefits after a work injury. The existence of the program gives Ohio workers comfort because they know that help is available in the wake of an on-the-job injury. However, knowing about workers' compensation is not the same as understanding how it works.

Dwarf benefits can supplement disability and workers' comp

In truth, it is not dwarf benefits; it is DWRF benefits and it can make all the difference for Ohio workers brought down by a workplace injury. An acronym for Disabled Workers' Relief Fund, DWRF can supplement your workers' compensation benefits if an on-the-job injury results in a permanent disability. It can also supplement Social Security Disability (SSD) payments as well.

Changes may be coming to Ohio workers' compensation law

According to a report, about 117,000 members of the Ohio workforce suffered an injury or illness in 2017 due to workplace hazards. This level of occupational injury highlights how necessary the state's workers' compensation program is to employees. Workers rely on these benefits to fill the gap when an illness or injury takes them away from their jobs.

Dishonest employers and your right to workers' compensation

As you no doubt are aware, working for a living can sometimes be hazardous to your health and well-being. From workplace accidents to dangerous chemical exposure, nearly all work opportunities come with at least some amount of risk. The workers' compensation program exists to protect employees against the financial hardships that accompany a work injury or illness. Some of these benefits include:

Ohio workers' compensation and total temporary disability

Workplace accidents typically result in only minor injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes these incidents leave a worker suffering from total disability. In some cases, the disability may be permanent, but in many others, injured workers will recover enough to return to work.