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Posts tagged "truck accidents"

Ohio man fails to stop, leaving 1 dead, 1 injured in truck crash

No two motor vehicle accidents occur under identical circumstances. Yet in many truck accidents, the 18-wheeler's driver fails to notice a smaller vehicle and the outcome is usually bleak for the other driver. However, the apparent cause for a recent two-vehicle accident in Ohio strays from the typical narrative.

Truck fleets turn to new computer modeling to identify crash risks

Technology has taken trucking industry safety to new levels. As a result, the industry hopes to see a reduction in truck accidents and tractor trailer crashes caused by reckless driving, making roads and freeways in Ohio and across the nation safer. For years, computers, GPS trackers and devices that monitor driver communications have provided information about truck fleets, drivers' practices and conditions surrounding accidents. Enhancements of these tools give fleet managers new ways to find out what's happening in their vehicles in real time. New innovations enable managers to offer real-time corrective advice to drivers before accidents happen.

Vehicle safety agreement between feds, automakers under scrutiny

A new federal study shows that efforts to reduce fatalities in truck accidents between cars and trucks have been successful concerning cars and sport utility vehicles. Accidents between cars and pickup trucks, however, have actually experienced an upward tick resulting in more fatalities, suggesting further safety measures need to be taken by automakers to better protect drivers in Ohio and across the rest of the country.

Govt. agency: New sleep apnea standards will reduce truck crashes

Overweight truck drivers will be under pressure to address their sleep apnea issues once new sleep apnea practices are implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). On the recommendation of two medical advisory boards, the FMCSA is reshaping its current policies and opening the doors to wholesale reform of its rules and regulations.

Ohio bill seeks new freeway speed limit, rule change for left lane

Will raising the speed limit on the Ohio Turnpike and all other portions of the state's interstate freeways reduce the rate of truck accidents and car crashes or increase them?

An Ohio and national concern: sleep apnea in the trucking industry

The interstate highways and state roads splayed across Ohio serve as major arteries for commercial truckers transporting goods both within and beyond the state. Numerous studies and statistics indicate that the volume of Ohio truck traffic is greater than that of many other states.

Truck accident issue: electronic recorders focus of court ruling

Overly fatigued commercial truck drivers are routinely involved in truck accidents that bring serious -- and often fatal -- consequences across the country, including Ohio.

Ohio Farmers, Others React to Fed Proposal on Farm Driving

Ohio farmers and their counterparts throughout the rest of the country don't think that their kids' occasional operation of trucks, tractors and other agricultural equipment is even a negligible contributor to truck accidents on highways and rural roads. Given that viewpoint, their attitude toward a federal proposal suggesting that farmers driving while engaged in agricultural activities should be regulated similarly to commercial truck drivers is predictable.

Ford's 2nd Major Truck Recall This Year; Defect Can Cause Fires

Given its claw back from an inferior position just a few short years ago and the steadily rising sales of its vehicles virtually across the board, Ford Motor Co. wants to be associated in consumers' minds with quality and innovation.

Ohio-Based Bendix Could Benefit from New Truck Crash Prevention Rule

Ohio-based Bendix Corp., a major truck-parts manufacturer, could potentially emerge as the primary beneficiary of a mandated standard on rollover- stability technology to prevent truck accidents expected to be announced after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") finishes research studies.