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Posts tagged "car accidents"

MADD wants Ohio, other states to enact harsher drunk driving laws

As of January 1, 15 states now require ignition interlock devices to be installed onto any vehicle owned by a motorist with at least one drunk driving conviction. The growing trend among states is part of a nationwide push by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), which is ramping up its efforts to force the adoption of laws that will reduce car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Ohio accident solicits comments regarding distracted drivers

When queried by newspaper reporters following a vehicle crash in a small town in the south central region of Ohio, motorists, tow truck drivers, road construction workers and emergency responders readily stated what is an increasingly prevalent view in Ohio and elsewhere throughout the country: Distracted driving is routinely the direct cause of car accidents, it is ever-present on roadways, and knowing how common it is makes them fearful when they are out on the road.

'Tis the season to be wary: Ohio's winter weather, holidays

This time of year in Ohio, weather and winter driving are invariably in the news in some fashion. Stories range from reports on driving conditions that are especially conducive to car accidents and other motor vehicle mishaps to the roll out of annual drunk driving campaigns, and from safety reminders concerning winter vehicle maintenance to the need for motorists to watch for deer.

New road-embedded technology could benefit Ohio drivers

Engineers and scientists at Vaisala, a Finland company that produces environmental measurement products, recently announced the development of a sensor system for roadways that could reduce the number of car accidents each year.

Car accident, safety focus: Massive teen-driver campaign underway

"Today's teenagers make no secret about the fact that they want to stay connected to their social networks and enjoy text messaging," notes David Strickland, Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The link between car crashes and traffic snarls in Ohio, elsewhere

The number of car accidents rises as traffic congestion increases and, following the souring 2008 economy and its lingering aftereffects that have kept more people home in recent years, motorists are once again venturing out in higher numbers on the road. That assessment comes from Bevi Powell, an East Central spokesperson for the AAA auto group.

Ohio anti-texting bill in light of new voice-activated technologies

The precisely worded laws in the various states that apply to texting while driving will likely be under close scrutiny and reconsideration following the recent advent of technologies that allow for voice-activated texting commands.

Combat vets suffer comparatively high rate of car accidents

Ohio has a lot of military veterans, including a sizable number of service members who are either back home on deployment or have returned permanently from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.