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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Pro sports teams, eyeing vehicle crash risks, tighten alcohol rules

As mainstream society is becoming less tolerant of drinking and driving, professional baseball executives, along with officials from several other pro sports leagues, have taken notice. League administrators have certainly noted the many high-profile car accidents -- sometimes fatal -- of pro players over the past several years that have involved alcohol, and the league now says that it wants to set a good example for young fans and athletes by prominently advocating safety and responsibility.

Pedal to the metal: Probe reveals some cops drive just too fast

It's well known that drivers who speed are responsible for far too many car accidents on our nation's highways. What isn't as well known is that some of these motorists traveling too fast are police officers.CBS News recently reported on an investigation by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Florida that found nearly 800 police officers from 12 Florida agencies who drove between 90 to 130 miles per hour on state highways.

In Ohio and nationally, more older drivers on the road

A clear case of driver negligence that has been reported widely in the media took the lives of two people in Iowa last year and could easily have resulted in far worse consequences for two others. The story has been raised often nationally to illustrate the growing concerns that safety officials and law enforcement agencies across the country -- including in Ohio -- are expressing regarding aged drivers and car accidents.

Feds issue guidelines to reduce distractions, vehicle accidents

Newly issued driving guidelines proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) could be the first to directly address GPS units and other electronic devices that foster distracted driving and increase the risk of drivers becoming involved in car accidents.

Momentum toward accident-reducing car cameras temporarily stalled

Saying that the U.S. Department of Transportation has "made significant progress" toward developing a final rule regarding the installation of rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles , Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood once again delayed the final deadline scheduled for the new law to go into effect.

Bad road conditions and car accidents: When to shut down highways?

Traffic officials in most states, including Ohio, have few explicit guidelines to follow when they are considering closing down a portion of a freeway or major highway due to adverse driving conditions. In the absence of clear instructions, and on occasions of rapidly changing weather or other factors that can negatively influence driving conditions, car accidents of significant magnitude can occur.

Update on ignition interlocks: Ambitious House bill emerges

We reported recently on a strong push by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and other traffic safety organizations to implement ignition interlock laws nationally that would apply to even first-time DUI offenders (please see our January 17 blog post). MADD officials say that the interlocks are strong and proven tools that help cut back appreciably on car accidents involving drunk drivers.

Auto maker's strategy revealed in consolidated car crash claims

Toyota owners have been plagued by a series of car accidents in recent years due to unintended acceleration. As a result, Toyota has been hit with nearly 200 lawsuits, including some from Ohio, relating to injures and damages concerning various accidents linked to unintended acceleration. Toyota has revealed that it is likely to use the same defense that many auto companies have used in similar accident cases. That defense will be to blame the victim.

Product recalls, accident concerns persist with car makers

Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans constitute flagship brands and are popular consumer choices in Ohio and everywhere else across the country. The company has a singular and enduring history in the United States, with deep loyalties among many of its vehicle buyers.