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Posts tagged "car accidents"

New NHTSA rule creates info uniformity for vehicle black boxes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) enacted a new rule effective September 1 that requires black box technology in vehicles to record uniform data in a variety of categories, including the types of data captured, the accuracy of the information and the ability for the box to survive a car crash.

Safety group wants stronger focus on "small-overlap" crashes

Noting that most car manufacturers design their vehicles "to ace" the safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the president of the latter organization says that new model offerings were recently subjected to a more stringent front-end car crash scenario.

U.S. parents need to up their game in safely securing kids in cars

The leading cause of death for children over the age of three in the United States is a car crash, and a recent safety study indicates that American parents and other motorists who exercise supervisory roles over children aren't doing nearly enough to combat that sad statistic.

Standards protecting against "underride" accidents questioned

With the height discrepancy between semi truck trailers and cars being so great, many collisions between the two in which a car runs into the back of a truck result in the car's windshield taking the brunt of the contact.

Vehicle safety agreement between feds, automakers under scrutiny

A new federal study shows that efforts to reduce fatalities in truck accidents between cars and trucks have been successful concerning cars and sport utility vehicles. Accidents between cars and pickup trucks, however, have actually experienced an upward tick resulting in more fatalities, suggesting further safety measures need to be taken by automakers to better protect drivers in Ohio and across the rest of the country.

OSHP solicits aid of commercial truckers to improve road safety

Officials from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and other state law-enforcement agencies duly note that they are always seeking to improve road safety in the state by reducing car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes and collisions.

Dangerous teen activity an outsized accident risk

A new risk-taking activity known as "car surfing" is growing in popularity among teens, many of whom do not fully understand the serious safety risks -- and criminal charges -- that can follow. Across the United States, teenagers are currently hospitalized with serious injuries resulting from car surfing, which has one person ride on the exterior of a vehicle while another person mans the steering wheel.

New anti-collision technology to cut highway fatalities in half?

Car-on-car collisions comprise a large percentage of car accidents occurring on American roadways. Newly developed wireless technology may drastically reduce the occurrence rate of these fatalities, though, saving lives and costs resulting from these collisions.

Lively debate ensues over Ohio House texting-while-driving bill

A number of comments from Ohio legislators, traffic safety lobbyists, law enforcement officials and municipal administrators indicate that many people in the state see a close nexus between texting while driving and car accidents and want to do something about it.